Tooth Sensitivity Caused By Enamel Erosion

If things like drinking hot coffee or eating ice cream causes you to wince with pain, you might suffer from tooth sensitivity. There can be a lot of underlying causes of tooth sensitivity, including cavities caused by general tooth decay, fractured teeth with exposed dentin, old fillings that are about to fail, eroded tooth enamel… Read more »

Famous Dentists Throughout History

Here at Sierra Vista Dental, we think our dentists are pretty great! Here are a few other great dentists throughout history. The “First” Dentist Of course, no one can pinpoint the very first dentist in human history, but this honor goes to Egyptian scribe Hesy-Re. Apparently when he wasn’t scribing, he worked with teeth in… Read more »

All About Tooth Sensitivity

Does the thought of taking a big bite of ice cream make you cringe? While ice cream is a dessert enjoyed by all, it is less enjoyable if your teeth are sensitive. Hypersensitivity can vary from mild to severe pain when brushing teeth, flossing, or eating foods that are hot, cold, sweet, acidic, or sour…. Read more »