Dental exams and cleanings are crucial to maintaining good oral health. We recommend that you visit us at Sierra Vista Dental every six months for a regular dental exam and cleaning. During these routine appointments, our gentle dentists and dental team will:

  • Check for signs of damaging dental conditions, such as tooth decay
  • Evaluate the health of the gums and check for signs of periodontal disease (gum disease)
  • Assess existing dental restorations (like crowns and fillings) for any needed maintenance or repairs
  • Use digital dental X-rays to check for any dental problems not visible to the unaided eye
  • Remove built-up plaque and tartar from the teeth for a thorough cleaning
  • Polish the teeth for a bright, healthy smile

If needed, Drs. Leavitt and Evans will recommend dental treatments to improve your oral health and function. We are dedicated to enhancing your smile through comfortable, high-quality dental care, and we focus on providing treatment that is beneficial to the health, function, and beauty of your smile. If it has been more than six months since your last dental exam and teeth cleaning in Sierra Vista, Arizona, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule your next appointment. We look forward to improving your smile!