Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth suffers from severe injury or decay that is left untreated, the tooth may become infected. If decay and infection reach the inner layer of the tooth, the dental pulp, it can result in a significant amount of pain. To restore the health of the tooth and relieve the symptoms of tooth infection, our caring dentists may recommend root canal therapy. During root canal therapy, we remove the infected dental pulp and tooth nerves from the tooth. The tooth is then filled with a medicated material and sealed using a dental crown or filling. After the root canal in Sierra Vista, Arizona has been completed, your tooth will be restored to its original function, shape, and health. Root canal therapy typically requires just one or two visits to Sierra Vista Dental, and our friendly dental team will ensure that the entire process is as comfortable as possible. Through root canal therapy, we can restore your oral health, prevent the need for tooth extraction, and avoid the spread of infection.

If you suffer from a tooth that hurts constantly or is extremely sensitive to hot or cold, you may benefit from root canal therapy. We urge you to call or visit us soon to learn more about root canal therapy and to schedule your next appointment at our office.


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